smartSim is our conjoint-based marketing information tool. smartSim reliably determines customer values, market shares and sales volumes with a prediction accuracy of 90% or more – it is also available online for quick insight into “What if …?” scenarios.

Brandnew: Since traditional conjoint analysis can only simulate the shifts in market shares of 100%-markets and can not simulate any quantity purchases, smartSim offers exactly this possibility. For the calculation of market growth (additional purchases), category growth (additional purchases, storage purchases, composite purchases) and segment-specific growth.

Optimal product configuration

  • Test of alternative features and feature combinations (package design, sensory design, equipment / accessories packages, etc.)

Optimal communication of features

  • Optimization of claims and indications
  • Understanding and attractiveness of added value / benefits, add-ons
  • Resonance of “Reasons why”

Optimal Price

  • for existing and new products in a competitive environment (interactions, sourcing, cannibalization)
  • Willingness to pay and price margins
  • Testing of promotional pricing strategies
  • Protection of channel-individual price scenarios (retail, discount, online, etc.)
  • Optimization of packsize price architectures
  • Modeling of distribution levels, communication- and media-spending

smartSim does not use standard software, but our own framework: the questionnaire design, programming and algorithm are determined by the project requirements.